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Genesis Project is an online community designed to help Christians build bridges across the globe, pray for and encourage one another.

UX Design // Research // User Interface //

UX Design // Research // User Interface

// UX Design // Research // User Interface //


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Full text Bible & reading plans

With a comprehensive e-book version of the Bible, users can read and study various translations conveniently. The feature allows users to highlight, take notes, and leave bookmarks, making it easy to personalize their study and revisit important passages. Additionally, users can subscribe to reading plans of different lengths, providing structured guidance for daily or weekly scripture readings.

Kode Technologies - Genesis case study feature
Kode Technologies - Genesis case study bible

Video Format Daily Devotionals and Sermons

Users can enjoy daily new videos featuring short messages intended to motivate and enhance their lives. With a simple tap, users can access these bite-sized videos, perfect for a quick dose of inspiration on the go. Additionally, the app hosts weekly live sermons that users can conveniently join and watch from their devices. These live sermons create an interactive and immersive experience, allowing users to participate in real-time worship and receive guidance from respected spiritual leaders in the palm of their hand.

Kode Technologies - Genesis case study bible
Kode Technologies - Genesis case study messages

Community & direct messaging

Users can post their personal stories within the app, sharing their journeys and insights with fellow users. Users can engage with these stories by commenting, liking, and providing support, creating a supportive and encouraging environment.To deepen the connection between users and spiritual leaders, our app offers a platform for users to post questions directly to the pastor. The pastor responds within the app, providing guidance, insight, and answers to spiritual inquiries. This direct interaction allows users to receive personalized support and advice from a trusted source.To further enhance communication and foster personal connections, our app includes a direct messaging feature. Users can engage in private conversations, providing a platform for sharing, support, and building relationships within the community.

Kode Technologies - Genesis case study feature
Kode Technologies - Genesis case study donations

Quick, safe & easy ability to make donations

The donations feature enables users to make quick and safe contributions to the religious organization. With this feature, supporting the mission and work of the organization has never been easier.Users can effortlessly make donations directly through the app, eliminating the need for complex processes or external platforms. The app ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, streamlining the donation process to a few simple steps.Safety and security are paramount, and we prioritize the protection of user information and financial transactions. The app employs robust encryption and industry-standard security measures, ensuring that all donations are handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Kode Technologies - Genesis case study feature
Kode Technologies - Genesis case study feature
PowerWave case study testimonial quote

“Kode Technologies were Amazing building our App. To start off we did not know all the details of what we wanted, all we really had was a goal to better service our customers digitally. Kode worked with us helping us understand how we could do that via a mobile app, they explained in plain English what they would do and what they recommend. We are very happy with the app that was developed for us and would recommend Kode Technologies”

Alexandra Teodorescu

Project Genesis

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