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Fundspace is the ultimate app-based property finance broker for property professionals seeking funding.

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UX Design // Research // User Interface

// UX Design // Research // User Interface //


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A platform for Property Developers and Lenders

Fundspace is a revolutionary mobile app platform that seamlessly connects property developers with lenders, revolutionizing the way funding is secured for construction projects. Through its user-friendly interface, developers can create detailed project profiles, outlining their funding requirements, project timelines, and financial projections. Lenders, on the other hand, gain access to a curated marketplace of high-potential projects, where they can browse through various opportunities and assess the risk and profitability of each investment. By leveraging advanced algorithms and data analytics, Fundspace matches developers with the most suitable lenders, ensuring a seamless connection that maximizes efficiency and enhances the chances of securing funding for construction projects.

Fundspace case study feature by Kode Technologies
Fundspace case study feature by Kode Technologies

Add & Explore Funding Requirements

Fundspace empowers lenders with a dynamic and user-friendly interface to browse through a diverse range of construction projects open for funding. Lenders can access detailed profiles of each project, encompassing essential information such as the developer's funding requirements, financial projections, and lending prerequisites. The platform provides comprehensive project summaries, including key metrics like the project's location, scope, estimated timeline, and potential returns. Lenders can efficiently navigate through these project listings, filtering them based on their preferred criteria, such as project size, geographical region, or risk level. With this feature, lenders have an unparalleled opportunity to evaluate a multitude of projects and make informed investment decisions that align with their investment strategies and risk appetite, all within the intuitive interface of Fundspace.

Fundspace case study feature by Kode Technologies
Fundspace case study feature by Kode Technologies

Manage all funding requirements in one place

Fundspace offers property developers a centralized hub to manage all their projects, both current and potential, in a single location. Developers can easily add their projects to the platform, providing detailed information about each one, including funding requirements, financial projections, and lending criteria. Additionally, developers can view all indicative terms received from lenders directly within the platform, streamlining the process of evaluating funding options. Fundspace further enhances this feature by providing access to a team of experienced brokers who can assist developers in finalizing deals with lenders, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process. With Fundspace's comprehensive project management feature, developers can effectively oversee their entire portfolio, collaborate with brokers, and secure funding for their construction projects with ease.

Fundspace case study feature by Kode Technologies
Fundspace case study feature by Kode Technologies

Send and receive indicative lending terms

Fundspace revolutionizes the lending process by enabling lenders to swiftly send indicative lending terms to property developers, significantly accelerating the response time. This feature eliminates the need for traditional manual and labor-intensive methods, streamlining the communication and evaluation process. Developers can efficiently browse through the received terms within the platform, evaluate their viability, and promptly make decisions on accepting or declining them. By digitizing and automating this previously time-consuming process, Fundspace empowers developers to swiftly navigate through multiple lending options, facilitating faster decision-making and enhancing overall efficiency in securing funding for their projects.

Fundspace case study feature by Kode Technologies
Fundspace case study feature by Kode Technologies
PowerWave case study testimonial quote

“As the Founder, I sought Kode Technologies to improve our existing app, which was plagued with bugs and failing to meet our goals. Through an online search, we discovered Kode Technologies and were impressed by their reputation and knowledge. From the outset, they exhibited professionalism and treated every communication with a high level of professionalism. The team assigned to our project consisted of five skilled developers and an accessible project manager who kept us informed at every step. While the initial scope was to enhance the existing app, the previous work done by another developer fell short. However, Kode Technologies took on the challenge and rebuilt the app from scratch, resulting in a high-quality product that exceeded our expectations. The new app functions flawlessly, allowing us to integrate additional features easily, and it is manageable through an intuitive admin dashboard with CRM integration. Kode Technologies delivered impressive results, analyzing user journeys and enhancing our initial ideas. Their project management was exemplary, delivering items on time and within the budget. Their communication skills and personable approach set them apart, and they consistently fulfilled their promises. Overall, our experience with Kode Technologies has been a tremendous success, and we highly recommend their services.”

Jack Hayden

Founder and CEO

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