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Find the right pub for any occasion, whether it be somewhere to play a game of pool while watching the sport, listen to some live music by an open fireplace or enjoy a drink in a rooftop garden.

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UX Design // Research // User Interface

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Setup your profile in a second

Pub Club offers an effortless profile setup for pub goers, allowing them to create a personalized and seamless experience. With just a few simple steps, users can quickly set up their profiles, customizing their preferences and interests. By providing information such as their preferred pub attributes, preferred locations, and personal descriptions, users can ensure that the app tailors its recommendations specifically to their tastes and preferences.

PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies

Find a pub to your liking

Pub Club provides users with a seamless browsing experience, allowing them to effortlessly explore a comprehensive directory of pubs in their area or any desired location. With the integrated map feature, users can easily set their location preferences and navigate through a visual map interface to discover pubs nearby or in specific areas of interest. The app also offers powerful filtering options, enabling users to refine their search based on specific attributes, amenities, and entertainment options available at each pub. This feature empowers pub goers to personalize their pub-crawling experience, ensuring they find the perfect venue that aligns with their preferences and desired atmosphere for a memorable outing.

PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies
PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies

Community based ratings

Pub Club provides users with a valuable review system that enhances their pub exploration journey. Users can access a wealth of insightful reviews left by other pub goers, gaining valuable insights into the experiences and impressions of each pub. Whether it's the ambiance, service, drink selection, or overall atmosphere, these reviews offer a helpful resource for making informed decisions. Additionally, users have the ability to contribute their own reviews based on their personal experiences, allowing them to share their thoughts and recommendations with the Pub Club community. This interactive feature fosters a sense of community engagement and empowers users to shape the collective knowledge and understanding of the pub scene, ensuring that fellow pub goers can make informed choices when selecting their next pub destination.

PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies
PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies

Don’t miss what’s on the pubs

Pub Club offers a dynamic events feature called “The Chalkboard” that enables pub goers to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings at pubs in their area and what is on at this very moment. Users can easily explore a comprehensive calendar of events, ranging from exciting pub quizzes and lively live music performances to enticing happy hour specials. With the ability to filter events based on specific types and preferences, users can quickly find the events that interest them the most. The integrated map and navigation functionality further enhances the experience, allowing users to easily locate pubs hosting their desired events and plan their outings accordingly. This feature ensures that pub goers never miss out on the vibrant and diverse entertainment options available at pubs, making their social experiences even more enjoyable and engaging.

PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies
PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies

Present your pub as an owner

Pub Club provides pub owners with a dedicated application that serves as a powerful tool to manage their pub profile and engage with their customers. Through the app, pub owners can efficiently set up their pub profile, ensuring accurate and appealing information is displayed to potential customers. Additionally, the app empowers pub owners to actively engage with their patrons by enabling them to respond to reviews, fostering a sense of customer satisfaction and addressing any concerns or feedback. Furthermore, the app offers valuable insights by allowing pub owners to track footfall and views of their pub listing, providing them with data-driven information to make informed business decisions. This comprehensive app equips pub owners with the necessary resources to enhance their pub's visibility, reputation, and overall customer experience.

PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies
PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies
PubClub case study feature by Kode Technologies
PowerWave case study testimonial quote

“We had an exceptional experience working with Kode Technologies throughout the entire process of designing, developing, and launching our mobile app. From the initial discussions to the final product, Kode Technologies showcased their professionalism and expertise in every aspect. They not only delivered the project on time and on budget but also ensured prompt and easy communication, addressing our queries and concerns promptly. The team's technical ability was evident as they effortlessly transformed our vision into a fully functional app, leaving no feature seemingly impossible to implement. We wholeheartedly recommend Kode Technologies to anyone looking for a reliable and skilled development partner for their projects. Their commitment to excellence and exceptional service truly exceeded our expectations.”

Freddie Bermingham and Tom Ireland-Life

Co-founders of Pub Club

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