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UX Design // Research // User Interface

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Complete Multiplayer Experience

The multiplayer feature of the Powerwave app  revolutionizes remote workouts by enabling users to exercise alongside their friends, regardless of their physical locations. With real-time video synchronization, users can engage in virtual workouts together while earning points based on their individual efforts. The competitive spirit is ignited as participants compete for the top spot on the leaderboard, fostering motivation and accountability. Additionally, users can conveniently schedule multiplayer sessions in advance, ensuring everyone can plan and participate. The integrated voice chat feature allows seamless communication during the workout, enabling users to stay connected and motivated while simultaneously following the workout video on their own devices.

Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study multiplayer
Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study multiplayer

Ondemand and live workouts

Powerwave offers a comprehensive collection of on-demand and live workout options to cater to users of all fitness levels and training preferences. With a vast library of workout videos, users can choose from a variety of training philosophies and difficulty levels, allowing for a personalized fitness experience. Furthermore, users have the option to download workouts for offline access, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions. The application tracks and displays earned points based on the user's effort, providing a tangible measure of progress and motivation. Additionally, users can monitor their heart rate zone and current heart rate during the workout, enabling them to optimize their performance and stay within their target range. For an unparalleled interactive experience, users can join live sessions led by renowned Powerwave instructors, connecting with thousands of other users in real-time to engage in energetic and dynamic workouts.

Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study workouts
Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study workouts

Precise performance stats

Users can track and analyze their fitness journey comprehensively. By accessing the stats section, users can easily visualize their progress over time, gaining valuable insights into their evolving fitness levels and achievements. The inclusion of leaderboards enables users to compare their performance against other users, fostering healthy competition and motivating them to push their limits further. The section also provides trends analysis, offering a deeper understanding of patterns and trends in their workouts and efforts. Additionally, users can unlock and enjoy rewards based on their accomplishments, further incentivizing their dedication and hard work in their fitness endeavors.

Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study stats
Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study stats

Achievements / badges

Users can earn badges based on their performance, such as completing specific challenges, reaching fitness milestones, or achieving personal bests. Consistency is rewarded with badges that highlight users' commitment to regular workouts and sticking to their exercise routines. To add to the excitement, users have the opportunity to level up each badge, signifying their ongoing progress and mastery in their fitness pursuits. This system of achievements and badges offers a gamified experience, motivating users to stay committed and celebrate their fitness accomplishments.

Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study badges
Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study badges

Fully controlled dashboard

Powerewave manages the entire system on an admin control panel built with the application. With administrative privileges, the admin can efficiently manage all users, troubleshooting, and access control. The workouts library can be easily managed through the dashboard, allowing the admin to add new workouts, update existing ones, and curate a diverse collection to cater to user preferences. The admin can also schedule and set up live workouts, coordinating with instructors and ensuring a seamless live fitness experience for users. As a key feature, the admin can manage gyms and instructors that are partners of Powerwave, granting them special access and privileges within the system. The detailed reporting on system usage and earnings, allowing the admin to gain valuable insights into the application's performance, user engagement, and revenue generation. This comprehensive control center empowers the root administrator to efficiently manage and optimize the application's functionality and operations.

Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study dashboard
Kode Technologies - PowerWave case study dashboard
PowerWave case study testimonial quote

My experience with Kode Technologies was much better than I could have hoped. We came to them after having run into issues with our app that were stopping us from adding the features we wanted and hindering user acquisition, the team explained everything in plain english and were a tremendous support. We eventually decided to give PowerWave a full tech overhaul which Kode Technologies ran from scratch, our app now has an incredibly modern, user friendly and slick design and runs like a clock with advanced features that we could never have implemented without them - I am grateful for their help and continued support"

Jay Laville

Director, PowerWave Sport Limited

PowerWave Case Study testimonial author Jay Laville

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