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Greektory is a platform created to redefine communication, networking, and event planning for fraternity and sorority organizations and other organizations alike.

UX Design // Research // User Interface //

UX Design // Research // User Interface

// UX Design // Research // User Interface //


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Introduce yourself

Members can create a vibrant profile by adding their organization, chapter, and a personalized bio. The profile also includes a photo gallery showcasing memorable moments from Greek life. Users can connect with fellow members from their own organization or explore other Greek societies, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Greektory case study feature by Kode Technologies

Stay connected

Greektory includes a powerful direct message feature that enables users to connect seamlessly with other members within their chapter. This feature allows for private and secure communication, fostering a sense of camaraderie and facilitating efficient coordination. Additionally, the app provides a dedicated group chat functionality for the entire chapter, allowing members to engage in discussions, share updates, and plan events collectively. Whether it's organizing fundraisers, coordinating study sessions, or simply staying connected, the direct message and group chat features bring members closer together, strengthening the bonds within the chapter and enhancing the overall Greek experience.

Greektory case study feature by Kode Technologies
Greektory case study feature by Kode Technologies

Explore & Attend Events

Greektory boasts an exciting events feature that brings members together through shared experiences. Users have the ability to create and promote events, which can be easily discovered by other chapter members. From philanthropic initiatives to social gatherings and academic workshops, the events feature allows users to explore a diverse range of activities within their Greek community. Users can RSVP to events they are interested in attending, fostering a sense of unity and participation. The events feature serves as a dynamic platform for fostering community engagement and amplifying the overall Greek society experience.

Greektory case study feature by Kode Technologies
Greektory case study feature by Kode Technologies

Expand your Community

Greektory introduces an incredible communities feature, enabling members from multiple chapters within the same organization to connect and establish links across all 52 states. This feature breaks down geographical barriers, fostering a nationwide network of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters. Users can seamlessly connect with fellow Greek members from different chapters, exchange insights, and forge lasting relationships. By providing a platform that transcends individual chapters, the communities feature promotes a sense of unity, collaboration, and shared values among Greek society members across the entire country. It's a remarkable opportunity to expand networks, gain diverse perspectives, and create lifelong connections within the larger Greek community.

Greektory case study feature by Kode Technologies
Greektory case study feature by Kode Technologies


Greektory offers a robust web-based admin dashboard that empowers chapter administrators with comprehensive control over their chapter's content, members, events, and more. This feature-rich dashboard provides a centralized hub for efficient management and organization. Admins can easily oversee and update chapter-specific information, such as chapter descriptions, officer listings, and important announcements. They can also manage member profiles, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. The admin dashboard simplifies event management by enabling admins to create, edit, and promote events effortlessly. With intuitive analytics and reporting capabilities, admins can gain valuable insights into chapter engagement and growth. The web-based admin dashboard streamlines administrative tasks, empowering chapter admins to enhance the Greek society experience for their members.

Greektory case study feature by Kode Technologies
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“We sought the expertise of Kode Technologies to develop a mobile directory that would streamline chapter communication and networking. Our primary goal was to create a user-friendly and accessible platform, replacing traditional spreadsheets with a more efficient solution. After interviewing several app developers, we selected Kode Technologies based on their experience and ability to grasp our vision. The scope of work involved collaborative meetings to outline our objectives and design preferences, with regular review sessions to ensure alignment. Key deliverables included a well-designed interface and a beta-tested app ready for launch. Throughout the process, we worked closely with our dedicated project manager, who provided exceptional support and coordination. Overall, Kode Technologies proved to be an invaluable partner in transforming our ideas into a seamless mobile networking experience for Greek societies.”

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